Can you hook up a pc to an imac

Can I use an Apple Thunderbolt monitor with a PC?

A popup menu will appear. Select Control Panel from the list. Select the Programs and Features pane. Click Turn Windows Features on or off. Turn on the LPD protocol. Ensure printers are shared. Choose Printer Setup Utility. Hold down the Option key and click the More Printers button.

macOS: How to Turn Your iMac into a Secondary Display - The Mac Observer

When presented with a big iMac display, a lot of people would rather connect their Xbox or PlayStation than their MacBook. Will you be using your iMac as an external display? Maybe even repurpose a sluggish iMac as a monitor? Let us know in the comments below the article! Computer Monitor , Thunderbolt. Your email address will not be published. I want to use a Windows laptop acer swift, running win 10 and project it to my old iMac mentioned above. I read a lot contradictory info online and it's difficult to make an informed decision about which adapter to buy or if I should get an adapter at all.

Thanks for your help if you are still monitoring this thread.

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I can confirm this! I have a late 27" iMac.

Just hooked up a Dell Latitude PC laptop using a mini display port cable. Works great as an external monitor!

All of these instructions are correct! I had tried a no name brand cable and it did not work!

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Same problem as daniel "I have a , 27 inch Imac. Is there anything i missed out? I have a , 27 inch Imac. You need a HDMI 1. These adapters usually use a USB connection for extra power. There also exists much more expensive HDMI 2.

These should also work to allow x at 60 Hz. Yes, if you mean you want to use an iMac as a display for the MBA Hi, I have got a 5K iMac. HI ,I'm thinking in buying a retina 5k imac ,i was just wondering if i can connect my xbox one to it???? If this is not possible by default, I would like to know I have a way to get around the HDCP I use it for gameplay recording , so if that is the only thing standing in the way, I might buy one of those adapters. HI, please how can i repair my mac system which screen is just blank and keyboard and mouse not working i also have another mac system that just restart itself.

Hello I was wondering if there is a way to set you imac to start up as a external monitor by default.

The second screen

If you have an iMac made in mid or later, here is how you can use it as an external monitor. If you have an iMac made in mid or later, then one thing you can do with it is to use it as an external monitor. Similar to Target Disk mode, where one Mac's internal hard drives can be mounted as external drives via FireWire or Thunderbolt to another system, Target Display mode allows an iMac's display to be captured and used by a second Mac.

To do this, first check the model of your iMac to ensure it was made in or later, and then simply press Command-F2. Note that on most Macs, the F-keys are assigned to a system function by default, so you will either have to revert this in the Keyboard system preferences, or hold the "Fn" key in addition to the Command key before tapping F2. When you press this hotkey, the system will remain running, but the display will now be accessible through the Thunderbolt connection of the iMac.

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