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They link the question to the prior utterances or speech context so that nani is framed to focus on the missing information.

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This study highlights the connection between linguistic structure and its use by revealing that Japanese QWs are structured in specific ways to serve the two types of questions in the question-response sequence. I am a first year graduate student at the Department of East Asian Studies.

During my undergraduate studies, I was very interested in the use of Chinese language, especially in everyday speech.

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Now I am working under Prof. The way Chinese speakers try to soften a command, the use of a sentence-final particles and the occurrence of negative imperatives Sun, have been studied based only on grammar books, where all provided examples consisted of invented sentences. This research is the first study about the use of imperatives in naturally occurring Mandarin conversation.

I plan to collect 9 hours of video data in Beijing. All the participants will be native speakers of Mandarin Chinese. Each dialogue is planned to last from 60 to 90 minutes. Participants will be free to choose any topic for the discussion. After the data collection, the conversations will be transcribed and analysed. The methodology that has been chosen for this study includes Conversation Analysis and Interactional Linguistics Couper-Kuhlen and Selting All the imperative sentences will be coded, divided into different types, due to the action they perform, and analysed in terms of multimodal analysis, which includes syntactic, prosodic and bodily-visual practices.

This study will fill the gap of our understanding of the imperatives, and uncover the real use of such type of sentences in naturally occurring Mandarin conversation. I am a PhD candidate in Slavic Linguistics.

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  7. My research interests are in the field of SLA. One of the most problematic aspects of pragmatics for L2 learners is requests. Particularly, English-speaking learners of Ukrainian may encounter difficulties in making requests since request pragmatics in Anglo-American Slavic cultures are different. One way of teaching L2 learners how to request is by means of classroom-based instruction.

    Therefore, there is an acute need for a Ukrainian language corpus, reflecting the usage of Ukrainian pragmatics.

    Hence, the objective of this study is to propose a typology of internal syntactic modifiers that serve either to soften or to intensify the impositive nature of requests, Ukrainian in particular. The study is an online survey and involves native speakers of Ukrainian. This study contributes to the growth of empirical research on Ukrainian language pragmatics. Also, the obtained corpus of syntactic modifiers can serve as a source of data for the development of teaching and learning materials that will enable learners of Ukrainian to successfully communicate with native speakers.

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    My research interests are in both Kant and Foucault scholarship and applying the work of Kant and Foucault to contemporary moral and political conflicts. Throughout his career, Eminem has spoken through three distinct identities; Marshall the father, friend, Christian , Slim Shady violent, hyper-sexual, and demonic , and Eminem intellectual, moral, political. However, in coining neologisms, translators have in the meantime resurrected the attributes that they tried to dissociate from.

    By delineating the translation and refraction of queer identity in Taiwan, I welcome continual negotiation of translation and queer studies. In she completed her MA in Ukrainian Folklore. Over that period of time, Ukrainian Canadian embroidered pillows podushky have been a form of decoration, and their creation a leisure activity. To some they are a means of artistic expression and outstanding craftsmanship; others regard them as keepsakes out of respect for their ancestral connections.

    My research has also identified podushky as expressions of group affiliation and cultural identity; helping [re]define social, spatial, cultural, and temporal connections in Ukrainian Canadian homes. To gain a deeper insight into the nature of these artifacts, the artisans who created them, and how they are interconnected, I have negotiated between past and present; gathering information from 57 interviews, and analysis of Canadian-made, hand-embroidered podushky created between and Like many personal possessions, embroidered podushky have a life trajectory of their own.

    Some were created spontaneously, others evolved through detailed planning. Their meaning and significance is often held within many generational layers. This paper presents a brief history of the Ukrainian Canadian embroidered pillow podushka and further reflects on the narrative associated with the production and consumption of these unique artifacts, describing how they became an index of such a large diaspora community.

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    She had been teaching English for Specific Purposes at high school and college-level, and Croatian as Second and Foreign Language at university-level across Croatia. Her main fields of interest are critical discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, second language acquisition, and the interconnectedness of language and identity in the context of migration and language learning.

    In her PhD research Martina focuses on the discursive construction of identity in narratives of personal experience told by females who emigrated from Croatia in the s. She aims to analyse how these migrants structure their personal narratives and which linguistic devices they employ in order to position themselves and other social actors within the spatial, temporal, and social settings of the migrant experience.

    This process affects all aspects of the self, which makes migrant identities such a compelling object of inquiry. But despite the profound effect it has on the individual, in public discourse migration is usually constructed as a collective, negative, and unwanted phenomenon. This is due to the nature of narrative, which is recognized as a ubiquitous discourse genre that fulfills many different functions, such as understanding and sharing life experiences and negotiating identities. Furthermore, as above mentioned authors claim, narratives reflect and shape social realities and relationships, thus migrant narratives can give insight into wider social practices and ideologies present in transnational communities.

    The aim of this presentation is to question dominant racist and nationalist discourses on migration and present narrative analysis as a fruitful method for gaining a better understanding of migration through empowering migrant voices and challenging over-generalizations and stereotypes. While this is an issue that is common among graduate students who are native speakers of English, it becomes more problematic when it comes to ESL graduate students who are facing cultural shock and adjustment to a new academic context.

    This presentation outlines a teaching model, implemented at the University of Alberta, based on writing group pedagogy applied to non-credit courses; due to its flexibility, this model has the potential to facilitate the learning of academic writing conventions among ESL graduate students while taking their diversity into account through in-class discussions and negotiation of the syllabus. At the same time, through the application of writing group pedagogical tools, such as peer review activities, the proposed model promotes an interdisciplinary conversation among the participants.

    Her research primarily focuses on pre-modern Japanese literature and its relationship with Chinese literature, with a particular interest in yomihon, a unique type of Japanese novel during the Edo period She is currently examining how yomihon was created, constructed and developed in Edo Japan by exploring the literary tradition, political and social change, and ideological development.

    Furthermore, she also tries to explore yomihon from a trans-regional perspective, by analyzing the interaction between nativist studies and Chinese studies. There was a boom of Chinese vernacular novels, for example, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, among pre-modern East Asian countries, which led many Japanese, Korean, and even some Chinese writers to translate, borrow, adapt or even rewrite many of these stories either in order to attract more readers or just to satisfy their own interest.

    Imjin War — plays an important role in this literary contact nebulae. On the one hand, this war changed the regional power balance, which led to the appearance of various new literary genres, on the other hand, it also accelerated the circulation and dissemination of books among these 3 countries. Another important factor is the Neo-Confucianism, which was worshiped as the official study in all of the 3 countries during that period.

    Writers from different regions understood and applied this ideology in their writing in different ways. By analyzing several representative vernacular novels, it can be concluded that when a literary work travels from one place to another, it will experience reception, adaptation, as well as rejection due to the political, social, cultural, and ideological difference. Her research focuses on classical Chinese critical theory. It thus questions the unreliable nature of names ming , words ci and language yan in expressing properly the concept of Dao the Way.

    In this presentation, I would argue that even though language itself is unreliable, Zhuangzi still believes that Dao could be achieved as he actively experiments with different writing strategies within the language system.

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    I will examine the use of analogies in Zhuangzi, so as to demonstrate that analogies in Zhuangzi not only function as a form of poetic expression, but also a unique rhetorical strategy. They are not only used to replace the fixed definitions of concepts, thus breaking down the unified system of signifiers and signified, but also provide a way for Zhuangzi to construct his unique discourse, thus avoiding the world to lapse into ossification caused by language.

    She has an education background of translation studies and she is particularly interested in translating contemporary Chinese martial arts fiction. Her research focuses on the genre of Chinese martial arts and knight-errantry narratives spanning from pre-modern to contemporary China, as well as kung fu movies since the s.

    She is interested in exploring this massive corpus of literary tradition from the perspectives of gender and queer studies, and her current project concerns the representation of sexually transgressive knights-errant in Chinese martial arts fiction and film. Many scholars and film critics condemn excessive violence on screen, arguing that it distorts the conception of social reality, and that the viewers would be encouraged to become insubordinate and violent.

    However, some other scholars argue that violence is a fundamental part of humanity Nietzsche , and though it cannot be eliminated, it can be diverted Girard. Therefore, violence in film would function as a substitution of and the channeling device for various forms of systematic violence concealed in our social and political construct.

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    In this presentation, I would examine the representation of violence in Chinese marital arts film, and argue that violence in the martial arts genre expresses not only inequality, injustice and oppression of our social life, but our psychological desire for blood and pleasure as well. As a form of expression, the close relationship between Chinese martial arts and religions determines the ritualized performative nature of martial arts action scenes.

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    Thus, the violence in Chinese martial arts movies are always endowed with a religious and philosophical undertone. Finally, the transgressive nature of Chinese knight-errantry enables violence to question and invert the power dynamics of social life. Her academic background is in the fields of Classics, Chinese language and literature and Comparative Literature.

    Her research interests include folklore and mythology, Greek epic tradition, attic tragedy, medieval literature in Latin, Neolatin literature, Chinese folk literature, classical reception in Hispanic and Chinese contemporary literatures, literary theory and popular culture. Written by the father of modern psychiatry and precursor of Sigmund Freud, Johannes Weyer, a couple of purposes have been attributed to the composition of this work: This ambiguity has initiated a debate about the unintelligible way of argumentation of Weyer and has overshadowed the philological and philosophical nuances of his work.

    Inheritor of the classical tradition, De lamiis liber, as might be expected, is rich in terminology to describe the witches. She is a free lance translator and an Arabic and French language instructor. Her research interests are around the field of self-translation, bilingualism, bi-culturality, and cultural nomadism. Currently, I am working on a Ph.

    My research is focused on the 20th century history of Poland in translation. In my doctoral research I focus on describing the language of history, general questions connected with academic texts in translation, translation of culture-bound items and specific translation problems connected with Polish-Czech translation.

    I have also experience in teaching Czech for Foreigners. The case is seen of special interest for several reasons. Firstly, the source text should be regarded as popular history written for non-specialists. On the contrary, the target text was published by prestigious academic publishing house. Thus, it could be assumed that the targeted reader group are university students and specialists.

    From the point of view of so called Skopos theory this is a change of the purpose. From this reason, this case study seems relevant for a fruitful comparison. What this translation is like compared to its original? Why publishers decided to translate this source text as academic handbook?

    Why publisher did choose this particular source text? Moreover, both texts contain some controversial issues regarding Czech-Polish relations in the past. The topic could be approached from different point of views — on the one hand, from socio-cultural point of view, we can observe how author of source text creates images of Polish nation. On the other hand, these fragments are good occasions to discuss interventionist approach vs.

    Finally, I consider the role of paratext namely front cover and preface and its relationship with the main text. It seems that mentioned paratextual elements reinforce traditional stereotypes about Poland, neighboring country of the Czech Republic. She holds a B.

    Her research interests include the Canadian memory of the First World War and narrative interactivity in novels and video games. Over the course of many hours of immersive investment, the player must make a difficult decision on behalf of their avatar, and the consequences are felt throughout the rest of the trilogy.