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I would define a very religious person as someone whose religion is the primary focus of her life.

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Now if you ask me "will I marry a very religious person? I can marry a somewhat religious person but not a very religious one. Obviously the ideal is a non-religious person but I live in a religious culture so I have to dream realistically. Well someone whose religion is the primary focus of her life can be manifest in many different ways.

Does it compel her to give to charity? To pray every hour? To treat others as Jesus treated them? To go to church every day? Just knowing that her religion is the primary focus of her life doesn't give that much information. It's highly unlikely she would agree to sleep with you because of her religion. The only real benefit her appearance can provide is eye and arm candy. I doubt many people on this board want to get married, which is why I phrased the question in terms of dating.

I might date a religious person to see if the shoe fits, but I do not plan on marrying her unless I can get over that barrier. However, I know that logically that barrier exists for a really good reason. We shouldn't be with each other if we have different religious beliefs.

I love my boyfriend but we’re different religions. Will that matter when we wed?

Christianity's a perfect example of this. As you are well aware, Luke That is simply something I cannot do unless of course there was an actual heaven to sacrifice your family and yourself for. You'll be surprised how many burqa wearing women in pakistan do pre-marital sex.

Most people's beliefs are not strong enough to resist the power of love and serious lust. Infact I would love to go in the bed of a very protective hot religious women.

Doing it after doing alot of effort to convince her would be something you are never gonna enjoy with a liberal women. Unfortunately my morals dont letme do any false commitments to women so I'll prolly never be sleeping with a very religious women but it is possible before marriage if you are willing to lie Yes, there are different religions and different interpretations, it still doesn't change the fact that a religious person cares more about her religion than herself or her husband.

But that still doesn't answer the question regarding in what way she cares about her religion above anything else. If it makes her want to force me to go along with tons of rituals like going to church, praying all the time, and so forth, then that would be an obvious deal-breaker. If it makes her want nothing more than to be like Jesus and do charitable work, I'd probably happily do it with her.

The quality of being "very religious" seems very ill-defined in terms of the actual relevant qualities it implies about a person and the way in which they interact with you. The reason why in what way will she act cannot be determined is because there are a variety of religions, a variety of denominations, and a variety of interpretations. However, you can determine if someone's a fraud by how accurately they portray their religion and how they live it. That's why I wouldn't want to date a semireligious person, because they're living a half-lie.

I wouldn't even date a person who believes in God but is not religious anyway, because just to believe in God means that you have to give yourself up for him. If God is the most powerful being of the universe, he demands to be worshiped. Even if I were to accept someone's religious beliefs as "just their opinion" and date them because I love them, no matter how irrational it may be to love them, I wouldn't want my wife to go to church all by herself.

Now, I do not know if the Bible says anything requiring someone to go to church. As such, instances in which we worship God, which would be in church, I would have to have the whole family come with me. When you think about it, attending church is not an individual experience.

The Seven Benefits of a Relationship Between an Atheist and a Believer

It is an experience for the entire family. It's suited for that reason. See, the ultimate reason why I wouldn't date a Christian wife, whether very religious or semi-religious, is because I would feel that I would have to be obligated to attend church with her and the children, if she decides to take them along. Now, I used a Christian wife as an example, but I'm sure you can find similar sentiments in many other faiths, particularly the Abrahamic ones.

Furthermore, my naturalism is what appeals to me and what makes me search for ethical insights on how to live my life. I do not reject religion because it's simply uncomfortable to me. I reject religion because it's dogmatic and no way to life your life. If I want my naturalism to be a part of every experience of my life, then I would only expect the same for someone who I chose to share my life with.

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Ayn Rand said it perfectly, "A man's sexual choice is the result and the sum of his fundamental convictions. Tell me what a man finds sexually attractive and I will tell you his entire philosophy of life. An atheist who sleeps with a theist does not value his atheism. In fact, it wouldn't be hard to convince this man that there is a God if he's so willing to sacrifice his ideals for pleasure.

It's too easy to sell your soul, but to keep it is a much harder task. Heh, just two days ago I told a girl who liked me that I will always have Jesus as my priority and if that is not the case with her, then we can simply not have a serious relationship. I refuse to be in a situation where I must choose between God and a girl, I'd much rather remain single or find a girl who also prioritizes Christ in her life.

In other words, I have the opposite problem. If they are very religious as in, they follow every bit of the Bible then no I wouldnt well obviously since he himself would be a closeted and celibate homosexual. If they are very religious as in, they feel very strongly about those parts of the Bible they follow then I probably wouldnt have a problem but from there it would also depend which parts of the Bible they follow. But like I have said in the past I would love to date a generally religious person. It would help me to provide a counterweight for my own mindset.

I'm rather glad this topic came up, as I have been thinking about it the last couple days, what with going back to school and all. It's rather difficult to find any non-religious girls in the middle of Texas. P Of the two atheist girls I do know the only two I know of at all in my high school one I don't care for and the other is a friend but not an attraction.

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Leviathan Follow followers 20 badges Send a private message to Leviathan Follow 4 If they kept their religious beliefs to themselves, and respected my position as an atheist, then I would. However, if they tried to convert me to their religion, get me to visit their place of worship etc, then I wouldn't. Follow 5 Interesting point of view.

Personally, I see things differently. I look at the big picture which might be very philosophical but the perspective on the universe and everything that exists in it is different for an atheist and for a real believer. I have been in a relationship with an atheist for years and I am happy that it is this way. My mum for example is a very devouted christian, I love her but many of the things she says are absolutely stupid. Follow 6 Original post by Lagona Interesting point of view.

Follow 7 If they were open minded and held progressive values, then I don't see why not. I think it is interesting to be with someone who has different views, opinions and beliefs.

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Allows for many interesting conversations. Original post by Leviathan It depends. Follow 8 Original post by TorpidPhil I don't understand why belief in entities affects stuff. There are good rational debates to be had about the existence of certain entities and the answer is not obvious either way of course the theistic Gods don't exist, but the religious don't necessarily have to believe in such Gods are rarely do. Anyhow, I don't think beliefs about how the world matter very much. Beliefs about how the world ought to be are what are important because that is what defines a person's personality and a person's personality not their wisdom of meta-physics is what matters in a relationship.

I just don't get why someone believing in an entity that you do not is a deal breaker for you. I probably have a different interpretation of quantum of mechanics to you. But why on Earth does that affect our relationship potential? Follow 9 I deeply dislike organised religion and witness daily the indoctrination of so many people, incapable of thinking for themselves.

However, I would consider dating a very open and liberal religious believer, someone who regards religion as benefitting rather than dictating their lives.

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Follow 10 Original post by Lagona Since this is a subjective matter there is no right or wrong opinion here.